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Something that gives me a bit of hope from a current events newsletter I subscribe to:

“There’s clear scientific evidence that digital tools impair rather than enhance student learning.”

“That [quote above] comes from Karolinska Institute, a leading research medical institution in Sweden, in a recent report on its nation’s ongoing digitization efforts in education. The country saw significant drops in academic performance and basic skills like handwriting after an intense push in recent years to integrate tablets, computers, and other digital tools into its schools. Now lawmakers and educators are calling for a reversion to pens, paper, and printed books for student learning. ‘Sweden’s students need more textbooks,’ Sweden’s minister for schools, Lotta Edholm, said earlier this year. ‘Physical books are important for student learning.’ Edholm recently announced that the government would end its digitization program for young students while older students would soon see more textbooks and fewer digital reading assignments as the government rapidly increases its spending on printed materials.”

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I lived and worked in Cambodia years ago and saw the aftermath of Polpot and heard firsthand from survivors about an initial "soft" totalitarianism foisted on the trusting populace. Another friend, raised in East Germany was horrified at how quickly we, in Western Australia surrendered our freedoms during the past few years, and how reminiscent it was of the early beginnings of that regime.

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I look back fondly (mostly, haha) on my days participating in homeschool co-ops as a kid. I'm sure your kids will have the same experience.

I think I agree with your mother-in-law as well—biblical politics are best expressed at home and with the neighbors, not in capitols and ballot boxes. We vote the way Jesus did: by taking care of people who need it.

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"The political reality of former communist regimes may seem far removed from us"

no, not to me

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Speaking of totalitarian motives and highly organized political intentions it seems to me that this outfit is easily the leading edge vector of such a possibility occurring in the US Project2025


Lots of right-wing so called conservative Christian groups are supporting this project

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Hi Ruth, I find your writing always stimulating, well-informed, and interesting. The references to other writers and thinkers I also find very helpful. One thing I felt while reading this however was what makes this 'homeschooling'? It sounds like you created a co-op school. I associate homeschooling with something literally done at home.

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